Nest Cam Embodies Stale Innovation In „Connected Home“ Space


After years of hype and unfulfilled promises, the concept of the smart home looks to be losing the attention of consumers. This is due in no small part to the lackluster innovation emerging from major device makers like Nest, which has prioritized the safe and repetitive over the revolutionary.

A report released Wednesday by Argus Insights detailed that consumer interest in “connected home” devices fell 15 percent in the past year.

The report was definitely timely. Nest also held a special press event Wednesday where it unveiled its newest smart home product, Nest Cam, the spawn of its $555 million acquisition of plug-and-play security camera company Dropcam last June.

The Nest Cam boasts few notable non-cosmetic improvements over the Dropcam Pro of 2013, and stayed mostly in line with base expectations for a smart security camera these days, including upgrading video capture from 720p to 1080p resolution.

Other than an upgrade…

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