Lightning Is Twitter’s Plan To Be ‘Event Central’ For Users And Non-Users Alike


Twitter’s plan to expand its reach doesn’t require that it also grow its user base, something which it has not done at a pace investors have found satisfactory since going public in 2013. A new report from BuzzFeed’s Mat Honan details ‘Project Lightning,’ a new initiative at the company that’s designed to reach both logged in and non-member audiences, providing instant access to rich media content around an event for easy, comprehensive coverage.

Lightning, which is launching later this year, will provide users with curated content centered around specific events, embeddable both across the web and within other apps. Content will include video and images, culled from Twitter, Vine, Periscope and more, and it will be pre-cached in such a way as to load near-instantly when a user clicks on it, minimizing wait time for actually getting at the content.

The user experience is designed to be immersive, with media fully taking…

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