How to Dramatically Increase Your Social Media Presence

Social Content Marketing

We all know having a presence on the the social web is critical these days. A solid content marketing strategy must include a process for both creating and curating quality content and sharing it across the social web.

If you follow these guidelines, your social content discovery and sharing processes will be more efficient and will dramatically increase your social media presence and social engagement. This is the first step in building a robust social following of topic relevant like minded individuals and growing your personal or business brand.How to Increase Your SMM

Social Content Sharing and Automation

To begin with, you’ll need to have a Google+ Profile and G+ Business Page that are fully populated and properly optimized and connected to Friends+Me so your new Google+ posts will be posted to other networks immediately or at predefined times in the future.

From now on, your Google+ posts will automatically be reposted to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels, unless you specify otherwise.

Your G+ Posts will still require proper formatting…

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