My Story of Awakening – by Angela Kopolovich

Kindness Blog

sad girl wallpaperI’ve had, what some people might consider, a series of professionally successful years, with my fair share of setbacks along the way. Generally though, I’ve been good at anything I tried, and even when I failed, it usually wasn’t for lack of trying.

A little over six months ago, running a million miles an hour, I realized that I was really unhappy. I mean really really unhappy. On paper, everything looked amazing, but in the pit of my stomach I knew something was wrong.

First, I blamed everything around me: the hours I was working, the type of work I was doing, the difficult clients, or uncooperative economy. Then my beloved dog died, and I wrote off my unhappiness to grief. Then when I got over that, I threw myself into one hobby after another – looking for something that would make me happy. I learned to cook, to code, to…

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