5 Ways to Ramp Up Influencer Marketing

Are you looking to increase the amplification of your latest piece of content? One way to do this is to create an influencer marketing program. If an influencer with a large social following shares your content, the reach is instantly multiplied. However, simply tagging an influencer in a social media update probably won’t do the trick. An influencer marketing program requires some legwork and patience. In this post, Marcus Taylor outlines five different ways to convince an influencer to share your content, starting by giving them free publicity.

People are often motivated to share posts that say good things about them or highlight a positive trait. For a brand, this might be a best-of article that touts creating one of the best products in their industry. For a celebrity, it may be a post that shows he or she is using status to help a good cause.”

This article is a great place to launch your first influencer marketing campaign or simply find new ways to connect with influencers. However, it’s also important to note that influencer marketing should only be one element of a content promotion strategy. For more tips on content promotion, from social media to sponsored posts, take a look at these two articles on the topic:

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Posted in Uncategorized By Content Curation Marketing On February 17, 2015


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